It’s time to build up your core!

28 Day Concrete Core

Follow our guide below!


How much of a change can you make in 28 days?

Over these 28 days we will be incorporating tons of core strengthening exercises, fat blasting cardio and mobility work. You can expect to feel much stronger by the end of it.

We suggest you start off with a core fitness assessment before beginning this program. Record your results. Do the same test at the end of the 28 days to see how much strength you’ve gained! See below for the two exercises, don’t forget to write down your results.


1) Planking for time. Time yourself to see how long you can hold a plank for. Be sure to record if you are doing the plank from your knees or toes and also if it’s a plank from your hands or your elbows.

2) Sit ups for time. Time yourself and see how many straight leg sit ups you can complete in 1 minute. You’ll want to record your repetitions here. If you cannot complete a straight leg sit up, try doing a sit up with your knees bent instead. 


Why have we included cardio and mobility work?

These short cardio bursts are meant to give your core a bit of a break, while firing up the fat burn to get maximum results! The yoga and mobility work will keep you limber over the 28 days. Want more of a great thing? Do 30-minutes of steady-state cardio 4-5 times a week over the course of the program (but that’s up to you, depending on your goals). 

Nutrition: Being mindful of your food intake will not only help fuel you for the workouts but also aid in your results. It’s possible to have a very strong core and still have a layer of excess body fat over top. If your goal is to reduce that excess belly fat, focus on healthy foods just as much as the workouts here! What worked for us:

  • Cutting the “treats” throughout the week days but allowing ourselves a treat or two on a weekends (refined sugars, highly processed foods etc)
  • Restricting alcohol to no more than 2 glasses of wine per week
  • Choosing healthy protein with each meal
  • Adding a variety of veggies 2 of 3 meals per day
  • Alternate fasting
  • Reducing refined carbs throughout the weekdays (such as white rice, pies, cakes, white bread etc)
  • Tons of water – aim for 2-3 litres daily.

 But never, within the 28 days, should you feel hungry – not once did we feel “hangry”.

Fitness Level: as with all of our workouts, this program is appropriate for everyone. Be sure to take any modifications that we provide as needed. Ensure you are challenging your muscles. 

Equipment: Most of these workouts require very minimal to no equipment. You may want to invest in a yoga mat, a set of weights and resistance bands to help challenge yourself throughout the program. 

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