Workout Calendar


MONDAY: Killer Legs & Butt #6

This is a lower body workout meant to help you build strong, lean lovely legs and of course a nice lifted bum! You’ll need a set of heavier weights, a band (optional) and an ottoman or bench.

TUESDAY: 10-Minute Strength (abs)

This 10 minute workout is all about your abs. We take 5 exercises and go hard! All you need is a mat.

WEDNESDAY: Belly Fat Blaster #6

Complete 5 exercises back to back for 2 rounds. Then a final set of 5 new exercises back to back for 2 rounds. 1 min work and 20 seconds rest, no equipment needed.

THURSDAY: Barre Burn #3

We start this full body barre style workout with some cardio to get your heart rate up. You’ll need a set of light 1-3lb weights, water bottles or soup cans

FRIDAY: Upper Body Burn #14

This workout is all about your shoulders with a touch of core mixed in. You’ll need a set of medium to light weights and/or circle/long resistance bands.

SATURDAY: Yoga Fit Fusion #4

This is a great yoga flow with a dash of fitness mixed in. You’ll get a great stretch but also challenge your strength. No equipment needed!

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