Workout Calendar

Sunday: Yoga Fit Fusion #8

Enjoy this full body yoga flow today. No equipment needed.

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Monday: Butt and Core #2

Get ready for a time challenge! You'll need a set of gliders/hand towels, weights and a circle band!

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Tuesday: Mobility Moves #5

Tight hips and back? This routine will leave you feeling limber and loose! All you need is a long resistance band or yoga strap/belt.

Wednesday: Barre Burn #8

This is an upper and lower body routine meant to tighten and tone your muscles. You'll need a chair and a set of light hand weights.

Thursday: Strength and Length #3

This workout will leave you feeling great! You'll need a set of medium weights, a circle resistance band and a yoga block (or a stack of books).

Friday: Full Body Strong #13

We are working with a Tabata style of 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest for 4 rounds. You'll need one heavy weight, a bench/ottoman/stability ball and a circle band if you have one.

Saturday: 4 Minute Abs

YES you do have 4 minutes, no equipment needed besides a yoga mat. Let's go!

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Reach out to us if need more of a personalized program, we are here to help!


Nicole Paradis


Lara Reynolds

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