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SUNDAY: REST - Mobility Moves #4 (NEW)

This full body mobility routine will have you feeling great today! No gear needed.

MONDAY: Killer Legs & Butt #3

Total Leg Toner! You’ll need one set of medium weights and a step/ottoman. Let’s go!

TUESDAY: 10 Minute Core

No equipment needed for this fast 10 minute core burner. This is a great routine to do on it’s own or after a lower body or upper body only workout. You got this!

WEDNESDAY: Belly Fat Blaster #3

Get ready for a serious CORE BURN with this workout. Nothing but abs baby! No gear needed, just a mat and your water.

THURSDAY: Full Body Strong #2

AMRAP – as many rounds as possible. This is a full body workout ! We spend 7 minutes on upper body, 7 minutes on lower body, 7 minutes on cardio, 3 minutes on core and 3 minutes on stretch! Feel free to use medium weights or a circle/long resistance band for this workout.

FRIDAY: Barre Burn #7 (NEW)

You’ll need a chair and a set of light hand weights for this workout! Enjoy.

SATURDAY: Yoga Fit Fusion #1

This yoga flow is a fantastic way to strengthen and lengthen the body using just bodyweight.


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