Healthy Breakfast Options

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Welcome to 2GTV. In this episode, we talk about common breakfast foods that can sabotage your weight loss goals. We also give examples of breakfast foods that can help you reach those weight loss goals. So stay tuned…

Hey, guys. Welcome to 2GTV. I’m Lara. This is Nicole. And today, we are super excited, because we are talking about – breakfasts!


We get tons of questions from our clients and from the people in our Facebook group about healthy options for breakfast, or about what they are eating for breakfast, and whether it’s healthy or not.

Some examples that we’ve come across is that people will generally eat bread with some jam, with maybe some butter and what?

Sugar, typically. Sugar in their coffees? Yes.

So, what we often ask the people who ask us these questions, is “why don’t you tell us what you’re eating and whether or not they feel it is healthy.”

And it’s actually crazy, because so many people respond saying they do eat pretty good, when in fact when asked what they’re eating they tell us something like this:

(showing jam, bread, sugar, margarine)

Guys, this isn’t so healthy. We’re going to tell you why.

One of the reasons that isn’t necessarily the best choice is because we’ve got a lot of carbs here. Carbs that break down into sugars. If you have a slice of bread with, let’s say, a tablespoon of jam. Then you have a cup of tea or a cup of coffee with a little bit of sugar in it, and then you might add a little bit of butter or margarine onto that bread. So, when all is said and done, most of that breaks down into sugar.

We recently had somebody post on our Facebook group, “I eat cereal in the morning.” Again, it’s carbs. Again, it’s break down into sugar. And she’s finding she’s getting hungry quite quickly. Well, that’s one of the things with a meal like this – whether it’s toast and jam or whether it’s a bowl of cereal – it will digest quickly. Carbs digest quickly and you’re going to find that you will be hungry a lot sooner than if you had a meal with some protein in it.

Definitely. So if you’re finding that this is a very typical breakfast for you, or you’re eating this type of food maybe over your lunch, maybe dinner …

Meaning carbs…

Yes, what you might notice over time is maybe those ups and downs with your energy. You might notice a little bit of excess weight. What are some other side effects you might notice?

Well, going back to that crash, you’re going to be more tired. You’re not going to have as much energy. And you’re certainly not going to have the energy to push through any, or as much, physical activity as you might want to.

So, you’re going to be holding onto that excess, even though you’re trying so hard to lose it with a lot activity, you probably won’t lose it anywhere near the speed that you want to.

Definitely. So, let’s talk about some alternatives. How can we make this better? Let’s give them some ideas of different ways you can incorporate healthier options. So

How many of you know what this is? Quaker quick oats, quick, quick, quick…


(throws packet of quick oats aside).

Not good. We’re moving into the porridge here. So, this is a little bit better.

Instead of the quick, flavoured oats. Here’s steel cut oats. And you can actually make it the evening before, if you find you’re running out of time in the morning because it does take a few minutes to make. If you look on the back, it actually has a decent amount of protein in it. So, having a steel cut oat in place of quick oats is a much better choice.

Definitely, more sustainable.

Yes. Another option, eggs. Eggs are fabulous sources of protein. One thing that we do get from people, again on our Facebook page, is that they say, “I’m sick of eggs. I don’t want to eat eggs.” Or, “I can only eat one egg.” Well, there’s actually so many ways you can eat eggs.

You can scramble them up. You can have fried eggs, as long as you’re frying them up with a healthy oil. You can put them in wraps.

Hard-boiled eggs.

Yes, I like hard boiled, because then you can throw them on a salad, too. Make a little bit of extra. So, that is another way that we can incorporate eggs, yeah?

You can have some yogurt, but plain Greek yogurt. Okay? And none of that pre-flavoured stuff because it’s full of sugar. What you do in place of that, because it does taste a little bit like sour cream, FYI. So you’ll want to put some flavouring in it. We add in some frozen fruit, and we top that off with maybe some nuts. We’ve got some almonds here and with cinnamon – fabulous.

Maybe some other fruit, whatever fruit you’re into.

Yes, just keeping in mind your portion size.

So, if you are still looking for some healthy breakfast options in terms of healthy fats, healthy proteins – or just overall breakfast ideas, where can they find us, Nicole?

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Sounds good. We’ll see you guys next time.