Three ways to find your fitness motivation

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Transcription of video:

Welcome to 2G TV, today we’re talking about motivation or the lack of motivation. Are you finding any excuse in the book not to exercise?

Finding those tedious tasks, like cleaning your house more thrilling than going to the gym? Does your couch call your name every evening after supper?

In today’s episode of 2GTV, we’re gonna talk about three ways to help you get past that lack of motivation. Stay tuned.

So I think most of us lack motivation from time to time, and even for you and I. Like we enjoy working out, but still lack motivation from time to time.

Yeah, sometimes. Most of the time we have really good intentions to work out.


Wouldn’t you say?


But then we end up pushing it off after work. And then after work, dinner happens.


And then we need to get those kids ready for bed, and then after that we’re just too damn tired.

Yep. Makes sense. So where do we find motivation when working out becomes the last thing on Earth we want to do? Like what do we do?

So one of the ways that we have found works for us, and for our clients, is to find ways to stay accountable.

Definitely. So I think one of the ways would be scheduling it in to our calendars, so actually writing it down.

Putting it in your phone.

Yeah, I don’t use phones. I’m sorry, I’m old school and that’s just me. But you put yours in your phone, right?

I put mine in the phone, absolutely. So I know on this day I’m gonna work out and then I can’t schedule anything else in.

So we take it pretty serious.

Another way to stay accountable is to work out with a friend.


Or with a coworker, or a family member, just finding somebody that you have something in interest with.

Yeah, so like similar goals would be ideal. You don’t have to have similar goals, but somebody who’s gonna be helpful to you, not be like, “Oh, I don’t want to go today.” Right? Like you want a good workout partner.

Another way people can stay motivated, or get motivated, is to join a challenge. Have you done any challenges?

Yes. We did Spartan.

Oh yeah, that was pretty fun.

That was a lot of fun.

Challenges can be social, so it kind of involves not just yourself, right?

They’re exciting, they’re new, again they’re social, and if you’ve got that little bit of a competitive edge, they’re great for hitting that for sure.

Definitely. And you can typically … most challenges have an end date which is kind of good ’cause you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. You have something to work towards.

Another way to stay motivated is to create a healthy habit. So for instance, you might drink water every morning when you wake up.

And I think picking that one habit and just doing it over and over and over again until you feel like it’s part of your lifestyle now.

You’ve mastered it.

Yeah, you’ve mastered it before adding in two, three, four, five other things. Right? ‘Cause it can get overwhelming.

And this is also gonna help you … help give you a sense of accomplishment without feeling overwhelmed.

Definitely. Third way to stay motivated I think would be just not allowing that voice in your head to take over. You know what voice I’m talking about, Nicole?

Don’t work out, you’ve got everything else to do other than working out.

We’ve all had it, Nicole and myself included, so it’s just getting ahead of that and being aware of that voice and not letting it take over.

So some ways that you can drown out that voice.

Remind yourself of the reason why you’re working out in the first place. So for different people that’s gonna be different things but some of you might be exercising to become more healthy. So actual health concerns.

You might have a wedding or a vacation plan is coming up and you want to be really hitting that gym or really eating healthy. Coming up to that activity.

Definitely. Another way to drown out that voice is just having your workout bag ready to go. So that as soon as you feel like, “Oh… I’m kinda feeling a little lazy after work.” As soon as that voice starts to come up just grab your bag and go. Because you’re gonna be moving towards that direction.

Or what you can also do, which a lot of our clients do, they pick up that phone and they call one of us as their coaches.

Yeah. So it’s our job to help keep our clients accountable as well and remind them why they’re doing this in the first place.

So one of the last ways to stay on track?

Well, they can join our Facebook group. So guys if you’re not already, if you are a part of our Facebook group already, that’s awesome. But if you would like to be part of it, it’s a great community of people going through similar fitness goals of maybe yourselves.

And finding ways to continue being motivated or to help them stay motivated, and get past those little wiggly voices that tell them they’re just not ready to work out so they don’t feel like working out.

So we’ll leave the link for you, make sure you check it out, and we’ll see you guys next episode.

See you guys.