Perimenopause: my body is a rebel

It seems like – poof – one day I woke up with a belly. As a look in the mirror and grab my roll, I wonder “where the hell did that come from?” I’ve always prided myself on my flat belly and defined abs, and have even received the occasional “wow” about my midsection. But this past year, those defined abs disappeared under a thin layer of fat (insert small whimper), despite my continued focus on fitness. This is definitely not part of my plan. I think I’ve hit perimenopause.

Where did my abs go?

So, let me paint my picture for you. My minuscule C-section ridge – which was something I’d accepted as my “mark” of having a baby – has now transformed into a sausage-sized roll (just hazarding a guess here as no measurements were taken). And I find this so damn frustrating. What was once a slight ledge is now an easy-to-grab roll. It’s squishy and pliable and feels like doughy bread, and I’m not even a fan of bread!.

Even when I wear leggings or a form-fitting outfit, I can see my squishy, doughy ridge. It makes me uncomfortable. And then add in the bloat and the size of my ridge increases, especially when I sit. So much so that I have to pull my pants/waist above the roll just so I’m comfortable. Any one else?

Isn’t this a freakin’ eye-opener

Perimenopause sucks! Yes, I recognize that his is the start of the aging process for my body, but it’s a real eye-opener for me since, for the most part, I feel really young. It’s like my body has started rebelling against me. But I’ve treated it so well for the past 10 years – like wtf!? I’m afraid it’s going to start abandoning me even more. What’s next? Will my hair start to fall out? Will I start packing on the pounds that no amount of exercising will help and the next thing you know, I’ll have bra fat? Will my joints start to ache and my libido fade? When do the sweats start and the out-of-schedule periods visit?

Perimenopause: road much traveled

My aging story has just begun and I’m 100% friggen’ not ready or prepared for it! But I suppose how I choose to travel this next journey is up to me because I know these changes will continue to pop up and surprise me along the way whether I want them to or not. This journey, although new for me, is one that so many women have traveled. Sadly, many have traversed this road alone – feeling isolated, depressed and often, like there is nothing they can do and no one who understands their feelings.

Sharing the perimenopause journey, and beyond!

And that’s the main reason for starting this blog: to bring together women, who are in their late 40’s and older, to share in this journey. To find solutions to help all of us feel less isolated; to appreciate that there are other women going through similar journeys who can help us get through the overwhelm. But also, to celebrate some of these stages and phases of female aging. And yes, to sometimes bemoan the challenges we face as we age.

Shared pain often lessens the weight and shared joys and laughs shine an even brighter light on our journeys. So, I invite you to share your stories to help all of us within this community feel less alone and live lives as beautiful, amazing, and joyfully aging women!

Now, I ask each of you to be vulnerable: what was your first experience with aging or when you realized you had probably hit perimenopause? How did it make you feel? What were your thoughts? Click here to join our women-only Facebook group so you can share your story or thoughts. Look forward to hearing from you!

photo of a flabby belly